Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Do you have  to leave a TV show because you have to go somewhere when you have waited an entire month for the show...?? Or have you suffered the pain of leaving an episode of your favorite television series just when it was getting the most interesting..........?? Never miss another show with this new technology called Social Cloud TV.

The mind behind this technology is a scientist from Singapore. This is basically a cloud application. It allows you to view TV shows along with your family and friends simultaneously. You can invite family and friends to join your session so that they can view what you are viewing.

If you are leaving somewhere, You can pull the TV show to your tablet or smartphone and view it on the go. On returning, you can throw it back on the television.

The application has a back end that decides and allows to stream video in best available format that is supported by your device. This way, it ensures you do not get the annoying "file not supported" or "cannot play" file message nor do you get a lower quality video undermining your device's capabilities.

So basically, it is a nice app that will change the way you watched television. The app is still in patent pending state but will surely hit the market with a bang. The app is currently getting great support from cable TV networks who are showing interest in the app as something never experienced before before.

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