Saturday, August 11, 2012


For those of you who think the shutdown process in Windows operating system is quite long, the post is for you.

The shutdown process has been almost the same for Windows versions till Windows 7. In Windows 8, the shutdown process is a little changed and truly saying, it took me a while to figure it out. The trick i am gonna show you (batch file method) will shutdown or restart your computer with double clicking a single icon on desktop. (Batch file is a type of script file, a text file whose contents are executed by a command interpreter, in our case, the cmd.exe)

So let us start.
 1. Run Notepad and type the text shown in the image.

 2. Save the file as shutdown.bat on your desktop and you are done.
 3. Double click on the batch file on your desktop to shutdown your computer.

4. To create restart icon, repeat the same procedure but change the text in the batch file to "c:/Windows/system32/shutdown.exe /s /t 0"  without quotes.

5. To make the computer wait before shutdown , change the number ahead of the -t flag. For instance, if you want your computer to wait for 3s after clicking the shutdown batch file before shutdown, type "c:/Windows/system32/shutdown.exe /s /t 3" without quotes.

So guyz, now u r done with creating the shutdown/restart shortcuts(batch files).
Works on all versions of Windows.

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