Monday, August 27, 2012


The greatest hitch i suffered after switching from Windows XP was that old dos apps wont run. But i still had to use the ancient TURBO C++ for school projects. So, a friend's advice introduced this app called DOSBOX to me.

Q. What is this DOSBOX thing??
This is an x86 emulator which would help you to run old dos apps. This means that it provides dos apps an environment in which they can run on most of the modern systems with variety of operating systems.

Q. Is it GUI or CUI??
The interface is a character user interface. It is operated on command line arguments.

Q. How much does the emulator cost??
The emulator is absolutely free.

Q. Is the emulator versatile??
The emulator can emulate a variety of graphics and sound hardware and thus can run most of the apps
you encounter.

Q. Is it available for platforms other than windows??
The emulator is available for a variety of OS like mac, linux, solaris, debian etc.

Q. Where can i download it??
Downlaod it here
Below is a screenshot of dosbox:

A little google search would help you figure out how to operate dosbox. You can put up your queries in comments.

So guyz, emulate the good old dos apps and KEEP TUNING.