Thursday, August 30, 2012


After almost an year of filing a lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement, and Samsung doing the same has come to a milestone with apple triumphant against its biggest rival in smartphone market. Samsung has been ordered to pay $1Bn ($1.05Bn to be precise) to the tech giant Apple for illegally using some of the Apple creations in their devices.

It all began in April 2011 when Apple filed a lawsuit against the South Korean company for patent infringement seeking $2.5bn. Samsung fired back with another lawsuit seeking $399 million.

Verdict came in favor of Apple ,however, the tech giant could only get half of the amount it was seeking.

Apple is also seeking to demand ban on 17 Samsung handsets including Samsung galaxy S2. However, this would not affect Samsung sales as most of the handsets in demanded list are old.

On the other hand, Samsung is gearing up to re-appeal as take the case as far as Supreme Court and possibly seek to overturn the verdict.

The verdict can benefit other manufacturers using Windows phone but comes as a setback for android devices and could affect their sales.
"I think this will force a reset on Android products as they are re-engineered to get around Apple's patents," Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the tech consultancy Enderle Group.

Is the verdict fair or not is a question whose answer would vary from person to person.

Do comment about your views on the verdict and KEEP TUNING.