Saturday, August 4, 2012


All the other brands have switched to Android operating system but Nokia is still releasing symbian phones. The operating system is slow and lacks the graphical charm. Most of the symbian users would probably have got bored with that old and laggy symbian operating system. But flashing a CFW can change the user interface as well as the improve speed to quite an extent.

So, Today i am gonna show you how to flash CFW to your Nokia mobile phones.
Lets start.

  •  Download the firmware files if you havn't already.
  • Install the Nokia PC suite.
  • Install jaf and pkey emulator.
  • Navigate to the path where your firmware files are. There must be a file with extension .c00. Rename the extension to .c0r.
When all this is done, you are ready to flash the firmware to your phone.

NOTE: Flashing can brick your phone if you install a lower version compared to your current firmware.
Press *#0000# on your Nokia phone to check your firmware version and always install a higher version   than that.
To know the version of firmware you are installing, check the naming of the .c0r file. It must tell you the version. DO NOT FLASH A LOWER VERSION THAN WHAT IS ON YOUR PHONE.

So, enough of warnings and stuff. Lets start.
1. Run the pkey emulator and click on go.

2. Jaf will be launched. Ignore the message "Box driver not installed" if it appears by clicking on OK.
3. Click on the bb5 tab and check the boxes filled with black dots below. Uncheck all the rest.

4. Click on MCU and wait for file explorer to appear. When it does, navigate to you firmware files and select the .c0r file. MCU light should now turn green in JAF. Similarly, do it for the following.
  • PPM - rofs2 file
  • APE variant - uda.fpsx file
5. Finally, it should look like this. All you have to do now is to click on flash.
6. After clicking flash, it should give a warning about downgrading killing your phone. Ignore it. When it asks to power on your phone, press the power button of your phone for half a second and then release. Status should show phone detected and flashing shall start.

7. When the process completes, your phone will show a white screen with text Local Mode. Remove the battery and insert it again. Enjoy the new firmware. Hard reset is recommended although not necessary. (Press *#7370#)

REMEMBER......DO NOT DOWNGRADE.......Ill post about some cool firmwares asap....


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