Monday, August 13, 2012


I was reading a tech magazine when i came across an article that gave me goosebumps. You will not be very glad to know that privacy just lost its meaning. With a thousand tracking sites online, every activity of you is being tracked.

I was testing the new collusion add-on for firefox that shows trackers in a graphical manner.
I visited these few sites:
Each visit to a site raised the tracker count but when i reached, there was a sharp shoot up in tracker numbers and all i wanted to do at this moment was shutdown my PC. A little more surfing the internet completely freaked me out.

Below is a screenshot from collusion:
Leaving a handful of circles, rest all are trackers. And this screenshot follows after enabling the do not track feature on firefox. Are the mozilla people listening?????

Here's another screenshot after some more surfing. This time with a lot of new trackers.

Now, i leave it to your imagination how much secure is your data. These tracker sites can track each and every movement of yours on web. They can event track your social networking site updates.

Those of you who are thinking how could this affect you if some site is tracking your web visits then i must tell you that these sites track your personal data and store it in their databases making your info vulnerable if exposed. The forms you fill, the sites you visit, the status you posted are all being tracked. Facebook itself tracks you information to display relevant ads on its page.

I recommend installing collusion and see it yourself.
Downlaod collusion addon for firefox
Do comment about your experience.

Should this tracking be allowed without a proper system of securing your precious data....???

Well the debate continues.

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